Work hours declaration,
overtime and vacations tracking

Replace your old Excel timesheets by an innovative, simple and efficient Web solution.

Intranet for data entry

Each team member will have online access to their timesheet where he may declare, for each week, hours worked per project.

Overtime and accumulated time bank

The calculation of overtime and accumulated time can be set according to your internal operations.

Vacations tracking

Each employee can view their holidays' balance directly online.

Workflow approval by a supervisor

An approval request can be sent automatically to a supervisor when an employee has completed the addition of his time for a given week.

Report for payroll processing

A summary report of timesheets can be generated as needed by your payroll management staff.

Import previous timesheets

Your previous timesheets can be imported easily, adding your old data to your new database powered by Dexero FD.

Does the timesheets powered by Dexero FD Solutions can meet your needs?

Dexero set up a simple and rapid method that allows you, without charge or obligation on your part, to obtain a preliminary analysis of service and configuration of a prototype.

Here's the steps of the process to get you started with your timesheets system :


Preliminary analysis

You complete a preliminary analysis form by describing your needs.


Configuration of a prototype

Dexero configures a prototype of your timesheets and sends a preliminary quote.


Online demonstration

You try the online demonstration of the prototype.

If you find the result interesting and like our offer,
we continue with the next steps.


Detailed analysis

You send us your comments so we can complete the analysis, adjust our offer and make a final submission.


Contract signature

We make things official.


Implementation of the complete solution

Dexero completes the required adjustments, the creation of reports or other items to customize.



Your timesheets system is deployed on a production instance and is ready to use.


Training and support

Training by telephone or teleconference is given so you can fully benefit from your new solution.


Contact us today or fill
the preliminary analysis form right now.

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