Use and export collected data

Your Dexero FD centralized information center will help you get the best of your collected data.


Export your data

Using a keywords search or multi-criteria query, you can export your data in CSV, XML or XLS format.

Integrate form data to any Web site or sync with an external application

Your forms data can be published dynamically through SOAP Web services, REST and Gadgets.


Full reporting features with PDF export

Data is aggregate in reports using iReport. You can generate your reports as PDF, HTML, and Excel files which can be saved, printed or emailed.

Automated report generation

Reports can be generated automatically based on a predetermined scheduled or at set intervals.

Automated report generation


Lets you send HTML or plain text message to a list generated from stored data. Messages may include other variable information based on the data collected from respondents.

Data Access Control

Data stored in FD can be accessed directly using an account / password. Login information can automatically be sent to a user following the transmission of a form or via a personalized emailing.

Data Access Control

Mobile friendly