Say goodbye to paper.

Start creating smart electronic forms today.

  • Contacts Database

    Contacts Database

    Stock, manage and synchronise your contacts using a centralised database.

  • Electronic Voting

    Electronic Voting

    Simple, fast and secure. The best choice for your management board or comity election.

  • Events Evaluations

    Events Evaluations

    An efficient way to collect evaluation data of your event.

  • Timesheets


    Replace your old Excel timesheets by an innovative, simple and efficient Web solution.

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Made in Canada

Dexero FD is developed and hosted in Canada.

Dexero FD Workflow Schematic

Dexero Forms & Data is an innovative
information management platform that offers everything needed to collect, manage and
share data in one simple package.

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Dexero FD is a web platform powering many tools

Intelligent drag & drop form builder, automated relational databases generator, multi-criteria search engine, multiformat data importer and exporter, report generator, and much more.

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A fast Return On Investment

With Dexero FD, you will increase the processing speed of information and you'll save on printing costs, postage and salaries of persons involved in data entry. You'll get reliable datas, faster and at lower cost. Calculate your ROI.


A green and sustainable solution

Dexero FD is an environmentally friendly solution that allows you to reduce your carbon footprint. By reducing your paper consumption and travel required to transmit these documents, you will minimize your environmental impact.


Take control of your data

Validate data format and eliminate data entry errors. Show / hide questions based on previous answers. Apply approval workflow. Import / export your data in various formats (xls, csv, xml). Synchronize your data with other computer systems. Generate custom reports (pdf, html, xls, rtf, csv).

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